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Frosted Privacy Window Glass Film

4.0721649484536 out of 5 based on 97 customer ratings
(97 customer reviews)     



Suitable for: Balcony, Glass & Window

Featured in: Hot Sellers, Glass privacy


  • Easy to cut & stick – install yourself at home easily & can be removed without spoiling glass
  • Designer Glass Film creates privacy and a pattern glass effect – play with light and colours in your interiors
  • Upgrade your interior ambiance – Glass Film are the perfect decorative accent for windows that require privacy
  • Multipurpose Decorative Window Film: Wide Applications for Glass in Kitchen, Bedroom, Living Room, Bathroom Window, Shower Door, Office, Cabinet & Glass Doors
  • Easy Sticking Instructions Provided with Squeegee, Spray Nozzle & Utility Cutter – Simply cut to size, peel liner, spray soap water, stick & squeeze water out for bubble free perfect look
  • The film has a neutral / colourless look – the design texture on the film creates a rich radiating look


Average Rating: 4.07 (97 Reviews)
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Review of Frosted Privacy Window Glass Film
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On time
Not a Easy Install.
Good product but difficult to install. You end of with bubbles and they’re not easy to let go. The paper (yes, its paper and not plastic) tores off when you try to take it out and re-install. – Product Review on Amazon
Good product
Superrrr product
Good qualityEasy to install without any professional technicianWell packedInstructions clearly advised – Product Review on Amazon
Nice product
Beautiful product and very useful! – Product Review on Amazon
Good quality product
Excellent quality product. I was a little apprehensive about buying it online, dreading the process of pasting. But after reading the instruction manual and watching a few YouTube videos, the job was done in no time. Highly recommend. Worth purchasing and solves the issue too. – Product Review on Amazon
Good buy !
Good quality material, adhesion is good too. Very easy to install. Will definitely recommend buying it. – Product Review on Amazon
Good Product, use soapy water on glass and then apply!
Very good Product , so thin At first I thought I had got just paper sheet’s lol. Don’t forget the soapy water ! – Product Review on Amazon
Go for it. If you have a window you need to cover but don’t want to compensate on the lighting then thisnis the one. You’ll have to search for videos or follow the instructions as it is to get best results. – Product Review on Amazon
Good satisfying experience...
Easy to apply. All items provided to apply paper.. We have to be careful to wet the paper otherwise it will stick everywhere… – Product Review on Amazon
Super Product - Minor skills needed to use this product
Superb product with a clear manual. Though there are clear instructions, we might need at least 2 people to use this product. The end result is excellent and I’m completely satisfied with the product. – Product Review on Amazon
Great product really easy to use
Very easyvto install anyone can do and you have everything with the package deliverd – Product Review on Amazon
Excellent buy
Quality is good. Provided instrutions clearly which makes the installation very easy. Impressed that as the lines given backside it was so easy to cut it as per our requirement. Packing is good. Goahed with the product. – Product Review on Amazon
Excellent product. Marvelous effect. Little tricky to stick. But if done properly looks like the glass is originally cloudy and shining – Product Review on Amazon
install is trickey but end result was awesome
Nice product..
Good product
Turned out to be good quality. Not as opaque as I wanted though. – Product Review on Amazon
Best product in the history of mankind
This is the most awesome frosted wall design in the history of mankind.The installation was extremely smooth and satisfying. In fact, every night while laying in bed I think about the beautiful installation and I delivers an incredible amount of tranquility and peace. – Product Review on Amazon
Great product and easy installation
Great product. Came with the instructions for installation. Also with a water sprayer, cutter and a ruler to apply the film onto glass. – Product Review on Amazon
Perfect for see through glass
Loved the product. Was really easy to install. Scale provided to smoothen the bubbles was very useful. – Product Review on Amazon
Superb product.
Superb product. Works great. An added star for the sellers consideration in adding a cutter and spray with the product. You will just have to Google how to put it up. There are loads of videos on youtube to help with this. – Product Review on Amazon
Very good product. Value for money
Very nice product. Thank you.Must go for it ,very easy to install and stuff is also there for installation. – Product Review on Amazon
value for money
good qualitywith thermocol cutter, spray bottle and viper scalesab kuch eske shat mila.but mere me spray pipe tha lekin bottle miss tha. – Product Review on Amazon
Nice product.
Its nice to receive from Amazon.. Adhesive with installation accessories are so nice… Installed easily.. – Product Review on Amazon
Worth Product and go for it
Very nice product and thanks to provider who has given cutter and scale with rubber – Product Review on Amazon
Very good product
Very useful item for doors and windows to cover the view without stopping the inlet of sunlight.. Little difficult to install but not once done the output is awesome.The seller also provided a scale with spronge, cutter, spray nozzle with the item that was very helpful. – Product Review on Amazon
Worth buying .
Good quality .perfect for office clinics hospitals..only thing is u have only 2ft width .That is drawback – Product Review on Amazon
Very nice product.. it makes window glass blur – Product Review on Amazon
Good Product
The packing is awesome. Also the spray nozel is very much suitable for Adhesion. Good product – Product Review on Amazon
Really useful
Really helpful to have product like this available. Privacy option for people – Product Review on Amazon
Wondeful product
Nice product buy it without any second thought. – Product Review on Amazon
Good material but needs installer
Quality is excellent but requires professional to install. Installation technique is not explained (if soap water is needed for placement) so it creases easily and was really tough inspite of three people holding. End result (if done properly) is very good but plz call a professional installer – Product Review on Amazon
Easy to install.
Easy to install. Looks good – Product Review on Amazon
Best Frost Film For Window
Best frost film for glassIt’s amazing it does its purpose.Very good quality film. – Product Review on Amazon
I love packaging and detailed instruction you have provided in package insert. It’s fabulous efforts. I rate your product awesome… – Product Review on Amazon
Great Product!
Loved it. Instructions were good enough for self application. – Product Review on Amazon
Good quality
Good product
It’s really good .. – Product Review on Amazon
Good Product
Fully satisfied
Like it. Easy to install. Received on time. Thanks Amazon. – Product Review on Amazon
Nice and easy
Easy to install by just following the instructions. Was able to install through the iron grill.Lessons learned: clean the near by areas around the window where the flim can touch during installation. To avoid any dirt sticking on glue side – Product Review on Amazon
Good product does the job
Read instruction rest is easy … my purpose solved – Product Review on Amazon
Good quality. Provided scale with wiper and a cutter. – Product Review on Amazon
Worth and does job well
A very useful product. A cutter and scale thumb are force multipliers. Overall this product is worth and does job well. – Product Review on Amazon
Worth buying, good quality product.
Used for bedroom windows, quality of the product is good and can be used for all private areas. – Product Review on Amazon
Best cover
Value for money
As promised.
Product as described and comes with all you need to install it. Very satisfied with the thought put in that. – Product Review on Amazon
Paisa basool
Good Product
Good Product serves the purpose. – Product Review on Amazon
Great product
I like this product and ordered again – Product Review on Amazon
good product ...
another thing i also like about besides the product… it came along with its materials required like cutter,sprayer & ruler (small scale for measuring the reqd size and this scale has spongy edge on the other side to help adhesion and prevent air bubble while applying it 👏😎) – Product Review on Amazon
Very good product, easy to use and install – Product Review on Amazon
Looks professional
I used this in my office and seems professional within budget. – Product Review on Amazon
Does the job it is meant for well
The frosted film does what it’s supposed to do very well.. Installation is smooth if instructions are followed and better with 2 people. May be a little on the expensive side. Will have to wait and watch how long it lasts. – Product Review on Amazon
Adhesive is towards higher side, otherwise quality of the screen is good – Product Review on Amazon
Nice but small in size – Product Review on Amazon
No complaints.
It’s very easy to install.Plus it looks exactly the way I expected it to. – Product Review on Amazon
Satisfied with product
Nice Item. Good purchase.
So glad by the product.Delivery too much late after Corona. Seller provide everything which were required to apply. Perfect instruction given to use. But 1 star giving less due to its light quality. It should have more sense quality which helps to fulfill real frostate nature. – Product Review on Amazon
Spray water on sheet and window.
spray water on sheet and window, then it will become very easy.Tools like cutter and scale provided plus the sheet has lines for easy cutting. – Product Review on Amazon
Perfect privacy
Good one.
Its a bit costly but a nice product. – Product Review on Amazon
It is easy to use, serves the purpose fairly enough. – Product Review on Amazon
Good but overpriced
Product is super good. Reducing stars as it is over priced.This product comes with a water sprayer (which won’t fit on any of the common cola bottles), scale with a rubberized side-really helpfull, a blade(the one used to cur thermocol pieces). Rubberized side can be used to remove air bubbles easily. But for this price they should give double the length. I just finished 3 piece average windows using this. Measure you windows, check local price and buy. – Product Review on Amazon
Fit for purpose.
Purchased for ₹ 499.00 per piece – (24×72).Pros:1. Easy to install (provided you have basic skills) – Product Review on Amazon
Good product.
All great but someone had used the product and it was cut which was not according to size. – Product Review on Amazon
Know if you know how to use it
It's an okay product.
Not easy to install. – Product Review on Amazon
Product is good but need to mainten the consistency in size
I ordered this twice same size however the second one i got one inch smaller in width – Product Review on Amazon
Ok Product
Was looking better in the picture than the actuals – Product Review on Amazon
Good but..
Still we can see inside contents in cupboards. Otherwise it is a good product – Product Review on Amazon
Deceptive product description
Did not get squeegee , cutter and spray. The product description clearly mentions that these would be provided and this was one of the reasons I bought this. Feeling cheated. – Product Review on Amazon
It's simple white paper and not as shown
Very much disappointed with this product. Please do not purchase it .This is not waterproof as written in information . I got simple white paper. It has no sticking on any side. It’s simple paper for which I invested 1000 rupees. – Product Review on Amazon
Incomplete package delivered.
I am yet to install the product due to incomplete packaging materials provided. The product description mentions that squidgy is supposed to be in the package but ITS NOT THERE. Just an EMPTY PACKET. – Product Review on Amazon
Not good
Not a good one. Very transparent. Is easily see through. – Product Review on Amazon
Waste of money
Extremely difficult to install by a normal human being. Need experts for installation. Useless and waste of money. – Product Review on Amazon
Wish I can return
This was not according to the pic – Product Review on Amazon
Very small
Very small will not fit even 1 window – Product Review on Amazon
Cheated on quantity
The first time I ordered, I got 2 pieces of 24 x 72 but when I ordered the same from my previous orders, I only received 1 piece of 24 x 72. They had changed the specification even on reordering the same product. Very sad to see such short changing. – Product Review on Amazon
Oki product
Spray nozzle and cutter provided. You can’t install alone and need cutter, scissors. Price at 399 is little costly for material. . – Product Review on Amazon
Money Looted
Very much disappointed.. I ordered 2 units. The quality of the film is so bad ,there is no finishing at all.. my money is looted – Product Review on Amazon
Don't buy.
It’s not worthy.don’t waste your money.we don’t have return option. – Product Review on Amazon
Faulty piece
Faulty piece delivered – Product Review on Amazon
Low quality
I have recv defect product huge bubble inside @ – Product Review on Amazon
Not convenient to use
Want to return this product. It’s not very convenient to use it. – Product Review on Amazon