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Mini Ganesha Set of 6 Wall Sticker

Suitable for: Hall / Living, Puja Room

Design Themes: Kid's Friendly, Zen & Spiritual

Featured in: Hot Sellers


This mini series set of 6 Ganesha decals is suitable for applying on your bike, switchboard, home entrance or practically anywhere you want his presence felt.

The size of each Ganesha design of this 6 pack is 3 inch in height.

About the material:

  • High end vinyl with a removable adhesive – outdoor quality – all-weather
  • Will not spoil (leave adhesive marks) on glass / metal when you want to change the design in the future
  • Superior image and design quality giving a grand look to your car.
  • Metallic colours give nice gradient when light passes or reflects on the sticker.
  • Will not interfere with driver’s rear view visibility
  • Easy DIY instructions for sticking given along with the product