Paper Art Photo Wall Sticker



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Suitable for: Teen Room, Bedroom, Glass & Window

Design Themes: Photo & Imagery

Featured in: 3d & Illusion, Gift for Girls


Create a paper art effect with the background of your photo. The unique cuts made on the poster gives an awesome look when stuck on a wall or door. Personalize any room with this attitude sticker. The effect does not interfere with the face in the photo, but everything else looks like paper shredded art. If you want anything specific to not be affected you can let us know so that it is seen clearly in the printed sticker. This is a cool gift to give grown up kids and teens. The effect makes their face and features standout while the rest of the poster gets blended or rather shredded. The poster is cut in random shapes and when stuck on the wall, looks like it is weaved with paper threads on the wall.


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