Space Travel Globe Wall Sticker



Suitable for: Kids room, Name Stickers

Design Themes: Kid's Friendly, Science & Fantasy

Featured in: Gift for Boys, Stars


Now you can tell your child about your dream of space travel. Bring the perpetual excitement of travelling through space with this wonderful wall sticker set.

Option 1: This space design measures 24 inch diameter apt for a wall dimension of upto 7 ft in length.

Option 2: This space design measures 32 inch in diameter will suit a wall upto 12 ft in length.

The diameter taken here is of the spherical outer-space – a great universe for your child to be in.

You can add your own message for your little one’s room and inspire their inquisitive minds.

• Colour Matte Vinyl Stickers with detailed crisp edges
• Elegant after-effect – looks like design(s) painted on the wall
• Instant ‘wow’ decorating & Fun activity
• Decal can be peeled – no sticky residue – but NOT Reusable
• Long lasting for 3 years minimum
• Our decals can be used on slightly textured walls
• We can do custom colour/design requests. If you have an idea of a custom design, contact us!
• EASY Step-by-step graphic instructions included!


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