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Animal Carnival Wall Sticker

Animal Carnival Wall Sticker

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This wall sticker gives the feeling to the child of an animals day out. Is the child going to the zoo or are the animals on a safari to see your kid in his/her room?

Whichever way, this decal will sure make your child happy and content with these characters in their room. The carnival features a lion, doggy, giraffe and a honey badger.

The size of the wall sticker is 3 feet by 3 feet.

There are five colour choices and we believe that these choices suit 95%+ of the wall colours. If you have any doubts on the best colour that suits your wall, feel free to contact us.

Don't forget to personalize the nameplate of the car with your child's name so no one mistakes whose room it is.

• Colour Matte Vinyl Stickers with detailed crisp edges
• Elegant after-effect - looks like design(s) painted on the wall
• Instant 'wow' decorating & Fun activity
• Decal can be peeled - no sticky residue - but NOT Reusable
• Long lasting for 3 years minimum
• Our decals can be used on slightly textured walls
• We can do custom colour/design requests. If you have an idea of a custom design, contact us!
• EASY Step-by-step graphic instructions included!

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