35+ Vehicle Advertising & Car Branding Ideas Using Vinyl Wraps & Custom Printed Decal

Get Your Business On Wheels With WallDesign!

You probably should have come across vehicles on roads with names of companies or brands. They are rolling billboards and often have clever captions in the bold text along with attractive images. If you would like a rapid advancement to your business, WallDesign can transform your car into showbiz with ingenious wrapping.

The new era of advertising has arrived. When it comes to prospecting for business strategies advertising as means of an investment would definitely cross your mind. Now, if you bring this factor into the spotlight, advertising using vehicles can sound like an excellent idea. Find now the innovative media options available at WallDesign.

Look For Effective Communication With Decals

Vinyl letterings can be very powerful to communicate essential information. It is especially true for cabs and tourist cars. Here, it’s not so much the fanciness that matters but how the information is laid out. Positioning the phone number and the other contact details is crucial. The rear glass and the side doors of the car would be the preferred areas since the visibility to others on the road is high.

Small business owners who are just starting off often consider this strategy to spread out the word in the city. This is an example that lays out all the details in a simple manner. There is more emphasis on the information here rather than appearance.

Reach your customers with simple and informative vinyl letterings

Sometimes, too much information can be hard to digest and the minimalistic wraps are always the optimal solution.

Just the right ingredients!

Choose An Economical Option Using A Partial Vehicle Wrap

If you have a limited budget, especially for fresh and flourishing businesses, partial vehicle wraps can be a great choice. This does not mean that you would restraint the impact of your presence on the road and visibility.

A vehicle partially wrapped with decals on the bumper

When it comes to looks and design, service and delivery vehicles are far from captivating. They are mainly built for functionality and nothing else. This poses a challenge for branding and marketing. Not anymore, at WallDesign, we can transform these ordinary vehicles to match your company’s colour scheme and logo and make them stand apart.

Maintenance and repairing services can use partial wraps

Service vehicles are an excellent choice for custom wraps. By displaying your company’s products, services and contact details on your service vehicle, a customized wrap can garner a lot of attention and help generate new leads while it is parked. The best part is you don’t need to avail any salesman which slashes the costs down.

Smart advertising using a Tata Nano car

Small hatchbacks are always on the low-end when it comes to price and are an ideal choice for growing businesses. It is the age of smart phones and businesses are going online. An alternative shortcut would be to use a barcode that lets the person scan it on their phones which provides a look at the company’s profile.

Create A Strong Impression With A Full Vehicle Branding

For businesses that are going well and have a higher advertising budget, full vehicle branding can be an effective promotional tool. Here you can maximize your corporate identity and increase sales using a powerful and persuasive form of branding. Delivery vehicles of online supermarkets and food manufacturers should employ this new way of advertising.

Fabulous indeed – sure to capture attention

These types of wraps are guaranteed to turn heads while the designated vehicle zooms past. WallDesign will help you carefully place taglines complete your quest for success. Greater the size of the car, the more noticeable it would be on the roads. MUVs, pickup trucks and delivery vehicles are a decent choice for full body vinyl wraps.

With WallDesign, having your business on the road has never been so simple. There are a multitude of options to how you can deliver a strong message to potential customers whether you just have a single vehicle or an entire fleet. In the end, you will certainly be surprised with your swift returns. So, bring your car to WallDesign to multiply your business exposure and get the most out of it in such a short duration. Reach out to the people and reflect the winning attitude of your company.