How to decide on the paint color?

It is always a sensitive moment when it comes to choosing the paint color. There are of course our tastes that matter, but also a few constraints that need to be taken into account according to the room exposure in which the paint is going to be applied.
Filter out all the colors that you don’t like! It is my first advice. Before wondering about the colors you like, think first about the colors you don’t like. This choice is usually quick to do and allows sorting out at first-hand the various shades available.
Take into account the natural light of the room The natural light that enters a room will determine the effect of a color. If your room is exposed to North, you should avoid using plain white as it could look like gray only. So here it is better to consider the use of some pastel colors. If your room is East exposure, then sunlight comes in the mornings. In this case, you can consider using some bright colors which will warm up your interiors when the evening comes and there is no sun. In a room which is West exposure, there is sunlight in the evening only. If you use warm colors, they may look too intense. In that situation, you can use cooler shades like green and blue. A room which is exposed South can take any color. But remember that warm colors, which may look very nice, will also be highlighted and look very present during the day. So always keep in mind the brightness of the room while choosing the saturation of your color: more intense for a room with less natural light, and a bit more lighter if the room benefits a lot from sunlight. Try a sample of your selected paint color Usually when you select your color from the color chart, the effect you were expected may differ and the color intends to look darker once applied. The position where the color is going to be spread affects the intensity of the color – whether it is applied on a vertical panel or a horizontal one. Usually the color will have a darker effect on a vertical panel than a horizontal one. Hence it is a must to do a color sampling before you start painting all your walls to check the desired effect you want to give to your interiors.