Glitch in my Attitude Graffiti Wall Sticker



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Suitable for: Photo Gifts, Door & Entrance, Bedroom

Design Themes: Photo & Imagery


Do you feel like a glitch in the matrix. Then this is a great way to express yourself or your hero on your wall. Are you taking the red pill or blue pill? Take the red pill and you will love this digital glitch style poster. No one is perfect in this world including your icon / superstar / celebrity. So make an imperfect effect on the photo decal. Add a quirky / catchy message on the decal to go with the effect. Makes a lovely sticker to gift to a teenage boy or girl. Give them a reminder that we often err on the wrong side, but we can always come back on the right path. Phew – some heavy words, but just take the sticker lightly and keep things cool between you and your teen. Include a well wishing / motivating quote sticker on your teen’s wall as an everyday thought. Eg: “Be the change!” Go ahead, create a graffiti for your teen’s wall that they will love. Upload the digital photo of the character you want to print. We will send you a preview of the design before we print it for you.


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