Expand the horizons of your personal space with an underwater touch!

The beauty of the ocean stirs the heart, ignites the passion, and captures the soul. What a fantastic idea it would be to interweave some aspects of underwater life into your personal space! Wondering how? WallDesign is here with a ship loaded with ideas to help you master the perfect underwater-themed look for your interiors.

Add some modern flair with WallDesign’s underwater graphics printed on glass films

The shimmering water of the ocean is a poetic beauty that inspires awe. It is pertinent that we make ample use of this element while going about creating an underwater-themed room. Glass objects remind us of the transparency of the ocean water- no wonder they are a popular choice for lending a plush look to the interiors. How about combining these two elements for your favorite theme? WallDesign brings you a host of hand-picked underwater decor ideas which will sprinkle your home with some contemporary airs.

Deck your glass surfaces with water patterns

Create a remarkable effect using water, drops, or sand patterns that can be printed on glass films. WallDesign also specializes in providing printed glass films that can render your plain glass surfaces with an aura of modern lavishness. Such glass films can be applied on the bathroom shower cubicle, windows of the living room, or on the glass of the cupboards in the kitchen as well as the glass of the cupboard in bedrooms. The glass surfaces can be either transparent or translucent. Make sure to choose the type depending on whether or not you want privacy.

Such printed patterns can significantly contribute to the overall underwater theme of your home, besides breathing air of freshness with its modern appeal.

Inject a dash of color with special underwater graphics on glass films

The myriad life of the ocean floor makes the perfect fusion of beauty and calmness. Let the colorful graphics of the sea-life enrich the glass surfaces of your home and recreate the magnificence of the underwater world.

Use this graphic style that showcases the intricacies of sea creatures on shower cubicles or glass surfaces of cupboards.

Make your rooms come alive with decals of various sea creatures

Sea creatures are an endless fascination for ocean lovers. To create a deep feel of the underwater life in your home, you can incorporate some of the sea elements into your personal spaces like in the bathroom near the bathtub or faucet. The shells, pearls, corals and all that is inside the deep waves of the ocean can be made as decal elements for your personal wall composition These decals when applied with a pinch of imagination, can create the effect of your bathroom being actually built underwater!

See how the sea creatures lend an authentic underwater feel to the entire ambiance of the bathroom! Make sure to choose the spot for your decal installation as per the size of the decal, so you don’t have to worry about the realistic appeal…

Unravel sensuality and serenity with the legendary decal of a mermaid

Part of the fascination with the ocean lies in the fact that it is home to innumerable life forms. A large chunk of these sea-living things is yet to be discovered. One such perplexing yet charming creature is the mermaid. Mermaids have become staples in folklores of several cultures and their existence is yet to be proved. Why bother about the facts, when mermaids can become the epitome of sensuality and vigor in your master bedroom? An exquisite creature that is part-human and part-fish, a mermaid is an enigma in itself. A thing of beauty is a joy forever said the poet John Keats. Undeniably, having a mermaid’s decal or poster on the wall of the master bedroom can inspire galleons of beauty and love.

A hauntingly beautiful mermaid can stir up the deepest ions of passion in your heart…. Notice how the long-winded tale of the mermaid pleases one’s aesthetic appetite. What a wonderful symbol of the perfect serenity in your life! Universally loved and cherished, the underwater theme can imbue your interiors with much-needed beauty and elegance. The colorful life of the ocean also invigorates the ambiance of your interiors. Sail on the oceans of imagination and create a sea-some look with WallDesign’s underwater decals and printed glass films!