Top 35 Kids Room Design Ideas For Girls Using Printed Decal & Wall Stickers

Let The Girl Tween’s Room Exude Enthusiasm With Walldesign Stickers!

Having a girl tween at home can be an absolute delight. She is likely to be bubbling with energy and enthusiasm. While she is busy figuring out her true calling, in the meantime, you can get busy with decorating her room with the right decals from WallDesign.

There is a colorful world outside beckoning your girl tween. But her world begins with her bedroom. Wondering how to make her room sport that unique look? Let WallDesign help you choose the right decals to embellish her room with.

Make Time For Girly Fun With Games Stickers

Whoever said that games are for guys alone! Girls have as much fun playing games, albeit in a different way. WallDesign has got a nice range of games-themed stickers that can help you transform your bedroom into a play area.

Make time for girly fun with games stickers

This delightful hopscotch floor sticker is what you should buy if you have a hoping girl tween in your home. No more playing in the hot sun, when WallDesign brings all the fun of a well-played hopscotch game, right into her room!

Is your girl the online gamer type? No worries, for WallDesign has got the right stickers for the avid gamer as well.

Learn From The Best Teacher With Nature-Themed Decals

Nature is indeed the best teacher in the world. Already hearing a lot of poetry on nature? Your daughter is in league with great minds like Wordsworth. Give a fillip to her passion by adorning his room with these decals that are reminiscent of the bountiful nature.

Learn from the best teacher with nature-themed decals

Cherry blossom tree with butterflies’ decal will give an exotic look to your girl’s bedroom. With such decal on the wall adjoining the bed you literally place your daughter under the lap of nature!

A decal featuring a rainbow with butterflies is sure to be a hit with your child. Notice how the windows appear connected through the rainbow decal giving a sense of authenticity.

You could also opt for simpler designs like this exquisite floral design border.

Sprinkle Some Stardust With Fairy Stickers!

Are you among the parents who feel your little girl grew up like magic? Maybe it’s true, after all. Girls absolutely love the magic that fairies inspire, so why not bring that element to her room?

Sprinkle some stardust with fairy stickers!

This wonderful decal features a fairy sitting atop the Moon and waving her wand. This decal can especially be suitable near her sleeping area. You can tuck her in and say the fairy is going to look after her for the night!

You can also opt for decals featuring Princesses that are a hit among all girls!

Multicolored Splash For The Complex Girl

Not too sure of your girl’s interests? Every girl is as enigmatic as a fairy. You can use this idea to install decals with multicolored hues for her bedroom.

Notice how the movement is represented by the wind like pattern of the flowers and butterflies
A cute decal featuring a swing amidst colorful trees

May The Right Flowers Bloom With Floral Decals

A girl tween is very much like a delicate flower. WallDesign brings you a host of decals with floral designs that your girl’s room requires

See how the pink flowers atop a tree are arranged in such a manner that the treetop acquires a spherical look!

You might be reminded of your formative when you fondly gaze at your girl tween. This might get you wondering as to how quickly time passed. We know you are the kind of parent who likes to give your girl everything that you as a tween enjoyed. Let WallDesign help you recreate the magic of your tweenage with decals!