Top 50 Vinyl Sticker Ideas For Beauty Parlour & Ladies Saloon India

Flamboyant Walls For The Chic Ladies’ Parlour

Ladies salons are multifaceted- not only do they provide a myriad of services, they also boost confidence, and are places to unwind all stress. Let WallDesign products help in setting the mood for these multiple functions. WD stickers, vinyl and glass posters are here to glamourize your salon and make your clients feel like divas.

Beauty salons are the one place where women mark their calendars to unwind and relax. The salon usually has both: communal spaces, for ladies to chit-chat and private sections, so that customers do not feel exposed while getting various personal grooming services. To give your clients the experience they deserve, WallDesign encourages setting up the perfect ambiance to rejuvenate. Let ladies walk out of the parlour looking and feeling their best.

Draw Attention At The Front Door

Vinyl stickers are extremely useful for branding as well as for displaying business information at the entrance of the salon. They are easy to apply and can be effortlessly put on doors, glass and walls.

To catch attention and indicate business hours, use a decal with a frame. There is a variety of choices depending upon your décor. An ornate, feminine design is sure to appeal female clientele. For a contemporary look, use simple border lines.

Draw attention at the front door with an ornate feminine design
Draw attention at the front door with a contemporary look
Convey a message through a decal which image shadows glamorous ladies.

Demarcate Areas Using Letterings And Upscale Wall Designing

A lot of interior designing goes into defining spaces within a parlour. Go beyond the basic curtains and furniture to include a wide variety of wall stickers. WallDesign decals can impose the functions of an area and help in creating a conducive ambiance.

Stylize The Reception Area

Creatively enlist all your services across the wall of the waiting room with a wall sticker, instead of the regular plain menu. You can even display it as a ceiling decal!

Demarcate areas using letterings to enlist all your services

Highlight The Hair Styling Zone

The most noticeable space when entering a salon are the high chairs facing mirrors, with the tool kit for hair styling. Make this functional space more jazzy with large and small wall decals. Depending upon the size of the area, budget and theme, customize the space with stickers depicting hair styling.

Capture the essence of women’s fabulous hair. Black decals encapsulate the gorgeous Indian hair. Contrast the bland paint of the walls with a bright color sticker.For instance, a green decal against a cream painted wall would really pop out and create a comtemporary look.

Highlight the hair styling zone with black and white decals
Highlight the hair styling zone with colorful decals

Accessorize The Nail Salon

Draw attention to this zone of creativity and relaxation with bold letterings. Let echo the assorted and creative nail art services provided. Use wordplay to your advantage. Be sure your clients are going to be as much entertained as well pampered. Install a peppy decal in the mani-pedi area: let the nails not be the only stylish thing in the room. Give wings to your imagination with WallDesign special nail art stickers.

Let the nails not be the only stylish thing in the room.

Reflect The Personalized Bridal Services

If the salon also provides bridal make-up, dress-up, massage and package services, then you must ensure that your bridal clients feel special: dedicate a wall to them using WallDesign wall arts. Floral and ornate designs are traditionally associated with bridal services. To assist ladies look their best on their wedding day, boost their spirits with delightful wall stickers. Give regal treatment to the bridal clients. Express your expertise with WallDesign stylish stickers

Reflect the personalized bridal services with floral and ornate decals
Ensure that your bridal clients feel special: dedicate a wall to them using WallDesign wall stickers

Design The Salon With The Innate Feminine And Joyous Beauty Of Flowers

Create a feminine theme across the beauty salon using decals with a hint of floral touch. The flowy stickers represent your creativity and skills in transforming plain Janes into dazzling divas. Brighten a mundane space with floral wall stickers that exude charm and flamboyance. For example, this full length pink decal of lady face with floral hairstyle will surely bring some chic to the salon! The purple color and its exclusive floral design seamlessly demarcate spaces, covering bare walls from floor to ceiling. Not only does it create a fluidity of theme, but it captures and personifies the services.

Design the salon with the innate feminine and joyous beauty of flowers

Establish a comforting ambiance for your clientele in the salon using WallDesign thematic stickers. Let the walls of the exclusive ladies’ parlour exude feminine grace and flamboyance, just like your services