54 makeover ideas using geometric designs – to give your dull walls some life every week of the year

If you sit in your room and wonder that something is definitely missing, then it’s time you splash trendy geometric designs onto your walls. WallDesign stickers can give a picture-perfect final touch to your interior space! Here comes a fine selection of graphic ideas using geometric wall art. Time to give your living space new look and feel that you were looking for.

Designs of Geometric Patterns blend well on the walls to create a spacious feeling

Playful colors in harmony with the geometric designs can work out well for home walls. While designing the surface of an interior, it is important to understand the living space. For home, remember to not congest the living area with a heavy pattern as it’s usually filled up with a lot of furniture. In small rooms geometric shapes and patterns on the wall make the space look bigger.

Geometric patterns blend well with minimal home furniture

A gentle pattern in complimenting colours can work out pretty well. The light and bright colors over a geometric repetitive pattern give a unique flow and unity to the room. The pattern can uniformly spread over the wall or spread out broadly from a corner to create an exciting visual composition.

Give a unique flow to your room with geometric design stickers

One can always try a combination of geometric triangles created in colors matching your room to create a clean and minimal look. Geometric modern decal triangles are worth a composition for the main hall or on the TV wall. Colorful geometric pattern borders can be a great addition to the kid’s room. Using triangle motifs on the wall refreshes the look and feel of your room. You can even try painting your wall using paint stencils to create beautiful geometric wall art. Get in touch with us if you need help on creating your own custom wall design.

Feel the energy in your room with upward lifting triangle wall art

A repetitive flow of geometric design patterns gives a rhythm to the wall

Play with geometry, lines and shapes to compose subtle patterns. To decide on the best color for the decal element, try to relate to the hues and tints of your furniture. Choose shades of colors which can blend well onto your painted walls and compliment the furniture. Be creative, almost every type of color can be found-from black and white, to bright colors, as well as special ones like gold, silver, copper and even glow in the dark film to ornament the wall. Explore printed geometric wallpapers and murals for creating a grand look in your living room.

Play with WallDesign stickers and prints to compose subtle patterns.

This particular wall sticker adds a 3D effect to the wall. The composition of stickers in geometric shapes with different thickness and in dark and light color tones makes it an attention-grabbing pattern. The gradual flow of design patterns create a flow to the eyes, making the static wall appear dynamic.

Give a 3D effect to your wall with our composition of geometric patterns

Who can wonder simple geometric patterns made from straight lines can end up to such unconventional and wild pattern when joined together? Flourish your entire wall with an intricate pattern made of lines and thin stripes.

Flourish your entire wall with an intricate pattern made of lines and thin stripes

Make the room speak out with a combination of different colors, shapes and sizes

Mixing styles and color tones of geometric design stickers make the wall look original and lively. The linear simple 2D geometric ideas can create various patterns mixed with almost all colors. Use abstract geometric shapes along with your interiors matched color combinations to create your unique geometric wall art.

Make the room speak out with geometric wall art of different colors, shapes and sizes

Apart from straight cut patterns, curve shapes stickers can make your world spin on cloud 9! Polka dots Geometric motifs have always been a classic and are safe options as a border or a pattern.

Make your teen girl world spin on cloud 9 with our polka dots geometric patterns

Geometric design stickers and wallpaper has reached out to people so well that they can’t resist staying home all the time. The warm and welcoming aura of these wall designs is indeed magical. Find the most appealing and unique wall art ever at WallDesign.in. It’s time you try this creative and elegant art on your wall.

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