30+ Wall Stickers Ideas For Teen Boys Using WallDesign’s Vinyl Sticker and Printed Decal

Ride out the rough waves Of The Teenage Boy Together!

Gear up for an exhilarating journey with your teen boy. Let his true passions leave an indelible mark on the walls of his room- his signature of individuality. Teenage boys are known for their fiery temperament, zestful attitude, and an unquenchable thirst for adventure.

Generalizing doesn’t help much as an adolescent boy sways in unpredictable directions. Just as difficult as it is for adults to subdue their exorbitant energy, decorating a boy teen’s room requires a bit of deliberation. WallDesign gives you tips to get the best wall décor.

Keep It Simple, Yet Flexible

If you’re confused about deciding on a single theme for decorating your teenage boy’s room, do remember that his bedroom is its own version of a cave. Apart from resting from a tedious day, it’s also a place meant to chill out with friends, explore hobbies as well as do projects and homework. The key is to narrow down on a theme to suit all occasions.

This sticker with a touch of humor appears beckoning. Judiciously place near his study table will surely bring some sarcastic inspiration.

For The Gamer, Let Him Always Be In The ‘Hand Mode’

It’s a difficult task to bring a gamer from virtual reality to the actual one. How about forging a link between the two worlds? A gamer is generally drawn to the fierce adventure and breathtaking graphics that make the real world appear dull and boring.

For The Gamer, Let Him Always Be In The ‘Hand Mode’

The monochrome aspect of these stickers would look sluggish to an adult but not so for a gamer! It indicates a lot about his personality as well- his life itself is ruled by the laws of binaries: win or lose the game.

Revitalize The Champ’s Personal Playground

If your teen boy has a passion for outdoor sports, then it’s high time to renew his room accordingly.

What an emphatic way to tell your teen boy about the joys of playing outdoors! These multiple balls forcing their way through the wall would serve as a wake-up call heralding playtime.

Delineating players in action, these WallDesign decals are suitable for a wide wall. The surface should preferably be unhindered by furniture, to give the feeling of a space for the audience.

Revitalise the champ’s personal playground

A Power-Packed Room For The Teen Of Action

Does your teen live by the dictum ‘Action speaks louder than words? Give a fillip to his passion by installing decals that are imbued with riveting adventures.

Give a fillip to his passion by installing decals of vehicles driving at high speed
Give a fillip to his passion by installing decals of people dangling from helicopters

WallDesign offers stickers that are sure to delight the secret ninja of your home. Lightening speed of the Volkswagen and people dangling from helicopters is a must-have for your teenage boy’s room which is in dire need of some dramatic action sequences.

Teenage is a transitory phase that is hard to go through for the teen as well as those around him. Instead of trying to quell the rebellious streak of your boy teen, start giving him the space he deserves. It does not end merely by giving him enough space- but you are bound to redefine his own world. WallDesign comes to your aid to ameliorate the whole experience!