Chalk Out A Miniature World For Your Teen Girl With WallDesign Vinyl Stickers

30 Wall Decor Ideas For Teen Girls With Vinyl Stickers and Printed Decal

Take a deep dive into your girl teen’s heart to know what makes her tick. Then it’s time for you to capture her inner world onto the facade of her real world – her bedroom. Rest is assured with WallDesign Teen Spirit stickers!

Women have always remained one of the many mysteries of the world. If your little princess is already showing signs of sophistication and mercurial temperaments, it’s high time you revamp her room. No more beating about the bush with make-believe bedtime tales! She’s on the threshold of entering a challenging world- so let her step out with élan. WallDesign invites you to discover a good deal of decor ideas that will take your teen girl by surprise.

A dash of Paris for the promising trendsetter

Does your girl dream of becoming a diva? Then time to let her have some connection with her dreams.

A dash of Paris for the promising trendsetter

A WallDesign sticker featuring the iconic Eiffel Tower will be a good choice for your little celebrity’s wardrobe. The difference in the style of the tower would reinforce her to experiment with striking gusto! For most girls, pink is not just a colour but a matter of attitude. Deck her room with lots of pink accessories and furniture to create a perfect girly ambiance.

Mirror, mirror spruce up yourself

It goes without saying that a girl’s bedroom is incomplete without plenty of storage spaces and a mirror. In case you’re facing some difficulty with space, it is better to install the mirror within the purview of the cupboards. This way the mirror will not look awkwardly placed on a wide wall. Also, it is a convenient way to get dressed sans weariness.

Mirror, mirror spruce up yourself

A mirror is not merely a reflective object that your teen girl uses for grooming. WallDesign provides vinyl frames that would greatly enhance the look of an otherwise lifeless rectangular or oval mirror on a wall.

Mirror, mirror spruce up yourself

Represent the blush of youth with flowers

Flowers go a long way in heightening the visual appeal of a room. If you’re looking for a bright motley of floral magnificence, it is important to bring in varying shades of different colors

Represent the blush of youth with colourful flowers

Notice the brilliant contrast created by the use of hot pink and lemon yellow colors for the walls. The floor can be in one of those colors to create the effect of reflection. If you’d like more subtle effects, there are always softer shades available.

Represent the blush of youth with subtle flowers

Library ambiance for the bookworm

Does your teen daughter spend hours with her head buried in books? If you feel she is withdrawn, never forget that “Quiet people have the loudest minds”. She is likely to be bored with the stark realities of life and therefore finds no other activity as pleasurable as reading. Nothing will delight her more than the idea of a library inside her own room.

Such WallDesign book-inspired stickers are apt near the bed or reading spot of a reader in line to be tomorrow’s leader.

Handling a teenage girl can be a daunting task. That said you’ll never run out of love for her as she will always be your little girl first. Making her feel special has always been your priority. Teenage is a time when girls feel alienated with themselves as well as with others. Instead of preaching, you can try practising some delightful ways to get her through this eventful phase of life. Give her a feeling of belongingness by decking her room in accord with her taste with WallDesign Teen Spirit stickers!