Do-It-Yourself Wall Decor ideas to complete your work from home setup

In today’s post-coronavirus world, we have to take precautions in our social interactions by maintaining physical distance from one another. Taking into consideration the health scenario, it has become more important for us to stay indoors and work from home. Even your personal life has changed so much that you have to keep in touch with your near and dear ones over video calls. Your friends and colleagues are able to watch you in your home when you have video conversations. This will certainly make you want to have a personalized and well-decorated space that would be a window to the outside world for all your social interactions.

Dress up the walls to boost your Live-at-home quotient

WallDesign encourages you to take it one step ahead to improve a live-at-home culture. This is the time to invest in home improvement so that you live comfortably and love the new phase indoors with your family. Your house members will appreciate the effort you put, feel elated and happy to help you to dress up the walls of your home.

Live comfortably and love the new phase at home.

WallDesign believes that you can decorate your wall to create a beautiful home. Small changes to colours on the wall, compositions of wall designs such as stickers, wallpapers and wall art such as photo frames and canvas art can easily improve your mood and evoke positive feelings. Our products combine contemporary designs and simple DIY methods to quickly and easily transform your living space while being affordable.

The world needs more progress and engineers, consultants, teachers, experts need to continue working remotely to keep basic socio-economic activities running. We showcase various wall decor ideas that may suit your profession for creating the perfect ambience, apt for facing the world from the space of your home.

Inspire your audience with these WallDesign product ideas

  1. Writing board films – the communication tool for engineering and IT teams, teachers, consultants, CXOs
  2. Logo/brand wall graphics– for customer-facing brands, as a background in webinars by senior management / team leaders.
  3. Personality & Motivational wall quotes – HR teams, policy-making teams, consultants, fitness instructors.
  4. Large wallpaper – interior designers, dance, fitness instructors, counselors, gurus, and of course for those keeping in touch with friends and family.
  5. World map / Local map – freelancers, consultants, life coaches, operation teams,
  6. Plain white screen – cover up faults/ family photographs / personal mementos that you don’t want the world to see. Works well for people having unforeseen video appearance.
  7. Wall patterns/borders – apt for teachers, and those being on calls with friends and family.
  8. Wall graphics/wall art – artists from creative fields such as music, media, design, etc

Get your team on the same page with a whiteboard

Writing board films is how teams can come up with new ideas. In today’s times, the power of the team lies in the collective sum of thoughts that you can get flowing coupled with smooth execution. So keep writing your notes and communicate them to keep your team members on the same page. WallDesign whiteboard films are easy to stick on to any flat surface film. They do not need any drilling or heavy lifting like traditional whiteboards. And you can move it to any room and make your presentation as you speak. Know more about

Get your work done with easy to stick whiteboard films

Spread Your brand Identity

Are you talking to your customers live on facebook or having web telecasts of your talk from your home? You can add your brand logo as a backdrop to your video. Always think of ways for customers to be a part of your brand experience. When they need your service or product, it makes recalling your brand easy. Get your company’s branding for your home wall

Brand recall matters more now

Give your walls character

Have your favorite personality designed on your wall. Create a character on your wall so that your audience relates to you. Give the look to your room using wall graphics.

I use bits and pieces of others personalities to form my own

Motivational Quotes for Video Background

Motivational quotes are perfect to suit smaller budgets while it talks loads about yourself and what you stand for. Your video background gets interesting for viewers to like and understand quickly about your brand personality.

It is a pleasure to be able to quote lines to fit any occasion

Transform your ambiance with Printed Wallpaper

Make your focus wall the background for your online presence. Generally, your computer/laptop/mobile would be facing a certain blank wall that though bland would still be better than giving away a view of your personal space. It would be perfect to make a nice wallpaper background to transform this bland view into the perfect look for your calls with family, chats with friends, zoom video conferences, and work from home sessions.

Foster creativity with your wall

The World In Your Home With Wall Maps

For the true global workers who work on projects for clients worldwide, a backdrop of the world map can make a world of difference while facing clients. World maps look very professional and an eye catching look to your room.

Maps encourage boldness. They make anything seem possible.

For teams working on solving operational problems, and making supply chain efficient to meet present demands effectively, a map of your focused regions on which you can mark your logistics strategies could help your colleagues understand the need of the hour.

Never get lost. Do field work from home with regional maps”

A cover up is better than an expose!

If you need to just cover up shabby space or have a partition in your home that would block off visual disturbance and not distract your viewer from you, you can use a white vinyl that can serve up your space. This is definitely interesting when you don’t want to be subject to invasion of your privacy. There are apps which also allow you to change your background through face detection technologies. In this case you have to expect your audience to use only the apps which have this feature and is well tested too.

Cool Patterns make you standout

Wall patterns are good to make your video calls look different every time. Go for abstract patterns so that your video has a change of background that looks fresh and captivating every moment. They break the monotony of a plain wall. The clean look of using patterns and borders makes for an aesthetically pleasing background wall.

Each human is unique. Like patterns on your wall.

A view into your personal life

The corona pandemic has changed many things in our lives overnight. To continue our professional lives we are destined to work from home for now and going forward this is going to be a new normal at least for those who can continue this way. So make your work from home ambiance speak about you and your life – design your wall background to suit your audience and of course where you love to be working in for the days to come.

Custom Wall Photos Printing
Walls have something to say, about you

A focus wall you would love to admire eternally

Even if you are not on too many video calls, your wall could be a window to the outside world. So make your wall interesting for you to sustain your thoughts in your conversations with friends and family. Get your customized wallpaper printed with WallDesign.

Stay inspired with a beautiful attraction featured on your wall

We are sure to bounce back from this covid-19 scare. In the meantime make the best use of Do-It-Yourself design ideas from WallDesign to create a brighter space right in your home. Get in touch with us for more design ideas to keep your life interesting.