45+ Unique Ways To Pamper Your Gadgets With Printed Decals

Gadgets and gizmos define our everyday life. From online shopping and gaming to ordering the next meal, gadgets have indeed made our lives simpler. Now it’s payback time! With WallDesign decals and skins you can bring about tons of changes in terms of the exterior look of your gadgets.

WallDesign has got decals for the tech-enthusiasts among you! If you spend most of your time with smartphones, tablets, and laptops; it might be a good idea to make your gadgets look cool with a personalized appearance!

Play with the apple and give uniqueness to your gadget

Apple has always been our favorite fruit- be it the forbidden fruit or the one that fell on Newton. Now the apple is in your court! Experiment with unique decals featuring the apple in new avatars…

Pay a tribute to your favorite song with music decals!

Music is not just the food of love, but of the soul as well! Show your passion for music and make your laptop resonate with the right beats by installing music decals from WallDesign.

Here a headphone is placed on the sides of the Apple logo with music notes flying all the way to the top left right corner.

A soulful song can transport you to a mystical place of bliss. What a great way to show that, using a decal that has waves marking crescendos with music notes all over!

Be game for your fetish sport with WallDesign themed decals!

Your tablets and laptops need to reflect your personality. If you’re passionate about sports, then so be it! WallDesign has got a good selection of sports-inspired decals that would look cool on your gadgets and it reflects your style!

Love basketball? Dribble and shoot the Apple logo for a nail-biting game of basketball!

Look what the scuba divers found underwater! If water sports are your thing, then so is this decal.

Invite godliness to your work and play with spiritual decals

WallDesign brings you the best of spiritual decals that are guaranteed to bring the choicest of blessings from Divinity. Spiritual decals are a good reminder to be in touch with God, no matter where you are, or what you’re doing.

Decals with a meditating Buddha or the holy word ‘Om’ on laptops would inspire peace and harmony.

Dreamcatcher and mandala decals also speak about divinity, albeit in a subtle way.

Complete new skin for your computer or tablet

In addition to themed decals, WallDesign offers colorful skins for laptops and tablets. It’s the right time to give a dash of fun to laptops and tablets?

Oil painting-inspired blue and white skin are sure to bring a tremendous therapeutic look to laptops and tablets! Bring some hues and shades of green for the nature lover in you!

A special note to corporate that have now the option to wrap all the laptops given to employees with skins that feature the company logo.

Most of us can’t imagine a life without electronic widgets and spend hours glued to them. Leave it to gadgets to make your work easy and leave it to WallDesign to make your gadgets look classy!